Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Civet? Civette? Playing Possum?

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(Me @ Smelvis Records in Wilmington 2002/3)
I get asked a lot where the band name came from...I've said many, many things over the years in various interviews....but really it just came down to me, a dictionary & a long list of possible "BAND" names when I was in 8th grade. It wouldn't be until 10th grade (98') that my name would actually get moving on a band to play with. I can remember sitting in my (moms) living room going over the longest list ever....maybe 20 or 30 possible names....and that one just had a certain "something to it"....I honestly don't remember any of the others on the list aside from (DON'T laugh!) - Playing Possum. Yeah...that's right....can you imagine ....."Playing Possum World Tour"! Yeah, I'm glad in the end I settled on something that I just stumbled across in the dictionary. However in the middle of the EMO years everyone was going through I was sad I didn't have a longer name like "He Who Eats The Civet Wins The Prize" or something like that. Ha ha....And there has ALWAYS been discrepancies on how the hell you pronounce the name? It isn't at all pronounced like the French word it is, instead it is very Americanized. Imagine how a 14 year old would pronounce it and it stuck! 
I didn't have any money when I started the band (duh, 14 here!) so I sent myself a "poor mans copywrite" that I had read about....it is still sealed in it's cute little envelope saying I own the rights to the band name. I later had help from lawyers and actual LEGAL people at the various labels we were on help me get all my ducks in order. Boy was I glad I didn't have to contest the name considering I tattooed it on my back at 18....man would that have been a BIG cover up! I'm kidding! HA HA.
Anyway....I just wanted to SHARE where I really got the name. From the good ol' dictionary.....and like many things in my life, it just found me. That's fate!

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